ezaudit® is what you need to inventory computer assets in 2023

The leading inventory tool since 2001 used by thousands of customers worldwide.


100% privacy and No Cloud Anything.

Nothing to install at any PC.  Nothing to install on your server.

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These are the top reasons to use ezaudit to inventory your computer assets


Quick Read for why ezaudit is the leading PC Audit tool since 2001:


  • Complete inventory of all program files, including portable apps, system files and more.
  • Find and inventory scripts like PowerShell, VBS and batch files.
  • Inventory non-program files (documents, images, etc.) , e.g. PDF, Word, Excel...your choice.
  • Audit via scheduled network audits.
  • Audit any PC or server any time, on-demand.
  • Portable Audit tool for PCs and servers via USB stick.
  • More features that competing tools.
  • Unbeatable Customer satisfaction record.
  • Use ezaudit in air-gapped networks.
  • Audit Windows XP and newer, Server 2012 and newer.

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