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  How can I get get computer and software details when I need to support remote user or branch offices without remoting in?

With E-Z Audit Remote Audit there's no more remoting in. Get complete PC software and hardware details, Windows Update information, Error Logs and much more in seconds. Learn more about E-Z Audit Remote Audit.

  How do I inventory PC assets in an air-gapped network?

Use E-Z Audit in air-gapped networks. You can audit via USB stick or copy it to a server in the secure area, its 100% portable. Audits are encrypted to prevent altering when taking them out of the secure air-gapped network.

E-Z Audit is used by U.S. military and nuclear energy customers.

  What's the best free tool to audit my PC's software and hardware?

The free PC Audit tool from E-Z Audit is the best tool in 2023 to get comprehensive information on your PC. It's always refreshed and maintained by E-Z Audit.

Audit your PC in about 4 seconds with nothing to install and with 100% privacy.

  What's an easy and affordable inventory tool for small business to audit PCs?

E-Z Audit - A fast and easy to deploy and easy to use tool for network inventory of your PC software and hardware assets.

E-Z Audit offers a free evaluation here.


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