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E-Z Audit is the easiest PC audit tool for network inventory of software, hardware and non-program files.

The real and original PC Audit software made easy.
Trusted worldwide by over nearly 18,000 customers since 2001.

E-Z Audit was designed to be the easiest PC audit software tool from day-1.

You can be ready to inventory your computer software and hardware assets in 10 minutes or less from installation.

E-Z Audit can get detailed information about all software on your PCs or server, including portable apps. You can also inventory any file extensions that you choose.

E-Z Audit can find what PowerShell scripts, VBS or batch files are on your users' PCs and your servers.

E-Z Audit can find if your users have music or video files on their company PCs or laptops against company rules.

There's no better PC audit software program with the mix of ease-of-use, prices and features than E-Z Audit.

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