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Guide for Windows Network Admins

Whether you're a small business or a huge enterprise, tools to inventory your software and hardware assets are a must.

And while you may think Azure and its myriad of complex tools and dashboards or heavy, difficult ITAM tools do the trick, think again.

You may need to get information in an air-gapped network. Or find out what's on a non-domain joined BYOD laptop via USB stick.

And you need to start right away, set-it-and-forget it.  No problem. This is where you should start:


What is the Best Free Computer Software Audit Tool?

What's the best PC Audit Inventory Tool for Small Business?

What tool should I use to inventory computer hardware and software assets?

Who Makes the Best Network Inventory Tool?

How can I audit PCs and Servers in an air-gapped network?

Which is the Best PC Audit Software Program?

Best PC Audit Software Tool

The Best PC Inventory Software

How can I inventory my software assets easily and reliably?

How can I get an audit of my computer hardware assets?

How to manage IT inventory in 2024 easily.

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