Best Free PC Audit Tool in 2023.
Audit from your PC and from a USB stick with E-Z Audit Free.

Audit your PC in about 4 seconds with ezfree from E-Z Audit – the best and easiest computer software and hardware inventory tool for auditing PCs and Servers via network, portably via USB audits, and  of remote, hybrid and work-from home staff PCs.

View your PC information in a a clear, clean, easy to read report in your default browser.

In addition to your PC's software and hardware audit, our free PC audit tool also gives you antivirus status, Windows Update info, latest important Event Log entries, Windows Services status and much more.

Powered by the same scanner engine behind E-Z Audit portable audit tool for professional use – the leading PC inventory software used world wide since 2001.

E-Z Audit Professional – The best PC Audit tool for Small Business in 2023.

E-Z Audit is the leading professional tool for network inventory of computer hardware and software assets

E-Z Audit offers you a complete PC audit solution that's designed to make your job as an IT admin much easier.

E-Z Audit can also audit via USB stick in an enterprise context and can be used to audit PCs and servers in an air-gapped networks.

With E-Z Audit can go from installation to ready-to-audit your network in 10-minutes or less.

E-Z Audit will inventory more than other PC audit tools: – you can find VBScript, PowerShell and even batch files.  Inventory DLL, OCX, SYS files – you can choose whatever file types are critical to you.

Uniquely with E-Z Audit you can also inventory images, documents, any non-program file types.

E-Z Audit can also audit via USB stick in an enterprise context and can be used to audit PCs and servers in an air-gapped networks.

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Audit Windows XP through Windows 11 with ezfree

About E-Z Audit

What's with those disks?  That was Version 1 of E-Z Audit all the way back in 2001.

E-Z Audit was designed to be the easiest PC audit software tool from day one.  Little secret here, we designed it for our own use when we were an IT consulting company back in the late 90s.  It needed to be easy to deploy and use, and it needed to be accurate and light touch.

It still is all that and more today. The first commercial release was in June 2001.  It flew of the (virtual) shelves.

This free PC audit tool is from E-Z Audit, the leading PC software and hardware inventory program since 2001.

E-Z Audit is used worldwide by customers ranging from small companies with little or no IT staff to global enterprise customers  as well as military and government users. Our customer satisfaction record is outstanding.

E-Z Audit has more features, many that are unique features, than any competing computer network inventory tool.

We are a USA woman and minority owned small business.