Best PC Inventory Software 2022

There are many fake reviews for this search term.

This isn't one of those fake reviews...

Get the facts about the best PC Inventory Software you can use right now.

E-Z Audit is the best PC system inventory tool, and here's why:


E-Z Audit has two decades of experience and thousands of customers worldwide to back it up.

E-Z Audit offers you a complete PC audit solution that's designed to make your job as an IT admin much easier.

With E-Z Audit you go from installation to ready-to-audit your network in 10-minutes or less.

There's nothing to install or run at your server.  And that doesn't mean we flood your network with PowerShell scripts to gather information.

E-Z Audit will inventory more than other PC audit tools – you can find VBScript, PowerShell scripts, any program types of your choosing. Inventory DLL, OCX, SYS files – you can choose whatever is important for you, not what a locked in program decides for you.

E-Z Audit will also inventory documents, images, video - any file type extension you want.

Audit via USB stick in for business. In addition, our PC audit solution can be used to audit PCs and servers in an air-gapped networks.

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