ezauditĀ® Best Network Inventory Software
100% private: no cloud, no telemetry, since 2001

Fast, light, portable and internet-free PC tool for network inventory tool
100% private audits.

Audits Windows from XP and newer, Server 2012r2 and newer.

Used worldwide by thousands of companies, government, military, and educational users since 2001.



This is why ezaudit is the leader in Windows software and hardware auditing tools since 2001

  • 100% BS free. You get what you need and it's done privately and without the bloat and cost of competing products.

    We aren't beholden to the next 'new thing'. EZ Audit just works.

  • Not abandonware. Have you seen some competing products proudly showing Windows XP era screen caps. Yeah, no.

  • No Capterra BS reviews.  No fake sites posing as reviews.

  • ezaudit gives you more and better featuresat a much lower cost.

  • ezaudit has an unbeatable Customer satisfaction record.

  • Audit via scheduled network audits.

  • Audit any PC or server any time, on-demand.

  • Audit PCs and servers via USB stick.

  • Audit PCs in air-gapped networks.

  • Silent audits or prompt users to answer questions of you choosing.

  • ezaudit performs a comprehensive PC hardware inventory.

  • Inventory non-program files (documents, images, etc.) , e.g. PDF, DOCX, PPTX, your choice.

  • Inventory scripts like PowerShell, VBS and batch files.

  • Use ezaudit in air-gapped networks.

  • Audit Windows XP and newer, Server 2012 and newer.