Best Free Computer Software Audit Tool in 2023

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100% private audits. Free doesn't mean we make money from data.
And unlike crapware in found on freeware sites, ezfree pc audit software tool from E-Z Audit® is an always up to date.

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ezfree from E-Z Audit®is the best free computer software audit tool.
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Get all installed software, Windows Updates, status of anti-malware, printer details, and, well, all the stuff you care about in seconds with ezfree.

Checklist for an easy IT asset inventory


Our free PC audit tool uses the same audit technology as our pro tool for business.  Here's What you get when you go pro:


  • More and better Features
  • Unbeatable Customer satisfaction record.
  • Audit via scheduled network audits.
  • Audit any PC or server any time, on-demand.
  • Audit PCs and servers via USB stick.
  • Silent audits or prompt users to answer questions of you choosing.
  • Inventory software and hardware.
  • Inventory non-program files - documents, images, etc.) , your choice.
  • Inventory scripts like PowerShell, VBS and batch files
  • Use E-Z Audit in air-gapped networks.
  • Audit Windows XP and newer, Server 2012 and newer.