ezaudit® – Software for air-gapped network PC audits and offline LOB Windows-based systems.

Used by U.S. Military, Nuclear power companies, and manufacturing customers since 2001.

Inventory PC software and hardware via USB or internal automated methods.

Use ezaudit® in the most secure and closed locations.

No data ever sent to us or anyone.

ezaudit® is actively used at a number of USA nuclear facilities and by the U.S. military.
Use EZ Audit in secure environments such as nuclear and military facilities
EZ Audit cab be used on LOB industrial use on legacy PCs
Use ezaudit® to Inventory LOB PCs as far back as Windows XP.


If you have an assembly line or other automated processing production line, ezaudit® is for you.

Audit software and hardware via USB stick or from any shared folder - no network required.

Audits are encrypted into discrete files for each machine. (Hence USB stick based audits are possible.)

Key takeaway: Alterations break the file. Trustworthy data matters.

EZ Audit results are encrypted into discrete files that cannot be altered

Contact us for more information on using ezaudit® for your legacy Windows audits in or out of your secured locations.

The leading PC audit tool since 2001.



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