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The top things to know when choosing a PC audit tool

When choosing, consider the downsides to many if not most of the PC audit tools that are on the market today:


Nearly all of the major PC inventory tools require you to enable Remote Registry.  This is not a desirable thing and in fact is terrible.  That's one more attack surface you are opening to your network security.  If they require this, consider this fact and then move on.

They also need SNMP.  How bad it it?  Depends.  But there have been many attacks against networks that exploit SNMP.  Unless you need it now, why add to your risks by choosing a PC audit program that needs this?

Many PC audit tools also require that you give them Admin passwords (and permissions, oh my!) to do what they do.  Really?  Are you kidding?

Wait, we're not over yet.

How do these programs run?  Does it get in your face to do so?  Actually, they do.

They run from a "console" that you need to run to trigger audits.  What?!?  If you want to watch your PC die a slow death, this is how to do it.

Or they say they are agentless.  Um, nope.  They push stuff out.

And if they're relying on something other than an agent, count on massive network bogs as a ton of PowerShell and WMI traffic chokes your LAN.  One of the biggest such vendors (whose real business is selling data) even warns to not try it past around 250 PCs.  That's generous of them.  It's still a pig, and your data pays for "free".

And, of course, there are a lot of abandon-ware options that are out there.  They gave up years ago, but their websites (and click here to send me money links) live on.

No enhancements, no nothing other than maybe recompiling to show a fresh date, but the developers are probably working day jobs and they like the extra income that comes from unsuspecting customers.  Especially when they partner with click-bait sites happy to host any garbage that gets them eyeballs.

So.  What to do?


Choose ezaudit.  It's an easy choice!

Absolutely none of the above applies to ezaudit.

By itself, that's the best reason to choose us.

Here are a more reasons to choose ezaudit

No databases.  Really!  Forget SQL or anything to hassle with.

No ports to open or reserve and no changes to your firewall.

We can get file details for any program file, and even non-program files like documents, music, videos - automatically based on you tell ezaudit what you want.

Blazing fast audits.  Basic Audits with no file inventory take around 10 seconds or less. Full inventories will vary depending on how much data you want, but an audit with all .EXE file details is under 90 seconds for PCs with reasonably current specs.

One-click exports and reports.

Export via command-line for automated reporting.

Point and click configuration.

Set it and forget it.  Once configured, nothing else you ever need to do.

Unique features you get with ezaudit

  • Audit any PC that's logged in and awake any time with ezaudit On-Demand.

  • Audit users off your LAN or WAN - anywhere, anytime with ezaudit Remote Audit

  • Post audit reports to your intranet with our HTML export.  Individual PC information and consolidated reports.

  • Point and click configurations that you can swap any time or use as needed.

Other great ezaudit features

  • Portable audit app - audit from a USB stick.  You can even configure the USB audit if you need to run a lot of hands on audits.

  • Control what you want to audit - it's all point-and-click.  Want DLL information?  How about who has MP3 files?  Whatever you want, sure!

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