Free PC audit


Audit your PC in seconds, free, with E-Z Audit

Use the leading PC audit program since 2001 to get a pc software and hardware inventory, free, in seconds.

With over 14,000 customers on every continent on earth and millions of PCs audited, E-Z Audit is a leading PC audit software.

Try our free audit and be assured that unlike others, no data comes to us. 

No need for Java or ActiveX, and nothing to install or uninstall.

Your PC audit will take about 5 seconds and show...

  • Installed software and Windows updates and patches

  • Startup items

  • Recent critical or important Event Log entries

  • Shares into or out of your PC

  • Anti-virus product status

  • And much more

And this is just a fraction of what our full PC audit software program does!

Were you looking for our full PC software and hardware audit program?

Learn more about the real PC Audit software made easy

  • Audit program files, not just what Windows thinks is installed

  • Inventory drivers, VBScripts and more

  • Audit non-program files

  • One-click exports and reports

  • Audit your remote PCs not on your network

  • Audit on a schedule or On-Demand

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