Free PC audit tool


Audit your PC software and hardware in 5-seconds or less, free!

No data comes to us, and there's nothing to install or remove.

No changes are made to your PC.

No need for Java or ActiveX.

Your PC software and hardware inventory will take just seconds and show you:

  • Comprehensive PC hardware details

  • Local and shared printers

  • Shares into and out-of your PC

  • Installed software and Windows updates and patches

  • Startup items

  • Recent critical or important Event Log entries

  • Anti-virus product status

  • And much more!

This tool is derived from our unique E-Z Audit Remote Audit that allows your company to audit users on the road, working from home, or anywhere they may be!

This is a demo runs our "Basic Audit". 

Our full program can also perform "Full Audits" that will inventory all program files (even portable apps copied to the hard drive),  as well as other system files of your choosing such as drivers, DLLs,  even scripts and batch files if that's what you need to track or find. 

E-Z Audit can also inventory non-program files like Office documents, videos, pictures and music, PDFs – whatever is of interest to you.

Learn more about E-Z Audit , the leading PC audit software program since 2001, used worldwide by over 14,500 customers auditing millions of PCs.

This demo can audit Windows 7 and 8.1  Our full audit tool audits Windows XP through 8.1 and Server 2003 through Server 2012
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