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Free PC audit software  made by the leading Software and hardware inventory tool - ezaudit

In just seconds and with nothing to install you will have a comprehensive PC software and hardware audit and more.

More than just a comprehensive inventory of your software and hardware, get anti-malware status, important Event Log entries and more in just seconds.

Your audit is private and personal:  We never get any of your audit data.

Unlike some other free PC audit tools out there, ezaudit free is not "zombie-ware" that lives on long after it stopped being updated or the company has gone out of business.  That's actually most of them.  Learn more about ezaudit.

In fact this is a personal PC audit tool based on ezaudit Remote, used by our corporate customers to audit remote users, small branches off their network and more.

+ Nothing is installed or changed on your PC to get the free PC audit and there's nothing to uninstall. 

ezaudit free is a self-contained (portable) executable.

On IE just click Run when prompted. On Chrome or Firefox, it downloads to your Downloads folder. Click Open in Chrome to launch, or open the downloads in Firefox and double-click to start.

On IE, nothing to delete. On Chrome or Firefox, delete the file when done, or keep it if you want to run it again at a later time.



ezaudit free PC audit should start downloading in a couple of seconds...

This is not an installer, this is the actual audit module.  No changes are made to your PC and we don't use Java or ActiveX.

Internet Explorer: click Run when prompted to save or run.

Chrome:  when the download completes, select Open to run the audit.  You can delete the file when the audit is complete.

Firefox: save the file and then launch ezdemo.exe.  You can delete the file when the audit is complete.