E-Z Audit Remote Audit

Audit remote staff wherever they are.
Nothing to install, no network access required.
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Expand your PC audit horizons to remote user audits...

With E-Z Audit Remote, you can audit home workers, small branches off your WAN, staff on the road, or even visitors to your site before you allow them to join your network.

This is a unique tool from E-Z Audit, the leading PC audit software tool used worldwide since 2001.

E-Z Audit Remote is an add-on to our suite of audit tools: network based, via USB stick, scheduled and On-Demand audits.

You can take a free PC audit now using the same technology as our Remote Audit tool. 

Try it! It makes no changes to your PC, nothing is installed, and, as always with E-Z Audit, we get no audit data back from you whatsoever about your PC.

This demo can audit Windows 7 and 8.1  Our full audit tool audits Windows XP through 8.1 and Server 2003 through Server 2012
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