Free PC audit software tool from E-Z Audit


Audit PC software and hardware free with nothing to install

E-Z Audit Free will give you a software audit and hardware inventory in under 5 seconds with nothing to install.  No data comes to us and you get a printable report.

Audit Windows updates, antivirus status, shares to and from your PC and more.

This fast and easy software audit tool uses the same technology as our full PC software and hardware inventory program

Here's just some of what you will find on our free audit:

  • Installed software and Windows updates and patches

  • Startup items

  • Recent critical or important Event Log entries

  • Shares into or out of your PC

  • Anti-virus product status

  • And much more

This tool will audit Windows 7, 8 and 8.1 PCs
Our full audit program will audit Windows XP through Windows 8.1 as well as Windows Server 2003 through 2012
This audit tool installs nothing to your PC, changes nothing on your PC and sends no data about your audit anywhere.

On Internet Explorer, click Run. 

On Firefox or Chrome, save the file and then launch ezfree.exe.  You can delete the file when the audit is complete.

Were you looking for our full PC software and hardware audit program?

Learn more about the real PC Audit software made easy

  • Audit non-program files

  • One-click exports and reports

  • Audit your remote PCs not on your network

  • Audit on a schedule or On-Demand

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