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Free PC software and hardware audit from a trusted company – ezaudit


ezaudit Remote is used for remote computer support by companies in finance, recruiting and more to provide home workers, remote branches and on the road staff with the help they need.

It is an indispensible part of any company's toolkit to inventory software and hardware for off-network PCs and provide remote IT support.

With ezaudit you can audit your PCs from Windows XP through Windows 10 in just seconds.  Audit installed software, hardware details, recent important Event Log entries, anti-virus status and more.

This free PC audit uses the same scanner engine as our remote computer support tool.  It's redesigned only to make it your go-to free PC audit tool for a personal PC audit when you need one.

Security matters to us.  Rest assured taking our free PC audit . We get no data from you, here or ever.


ezaudit is used worldwide by over 15,000 customers from SME's to enterprise level users including military, government, educational and non-profit sectors.

We are celebrating our 15th Anniversary in 2016.  Proven, reliable, easy PC audits since 2001.  Click the tl;dr to learn about who we are.


Audit your PC

ezaudit Remote a self-contained executable. On IE just click Run when prompted. On Chrome or Firefox, it downloads to your Downloads folder. Click Open in Chrome to launch, or open the downloads in Firefox and double-click to start.

On IE, nothing to delete. On Chrome or Firefox, delete the file when done, or keep it if you want to run it again at a later time.



ezaudit free PC audit should start downloading in a couple of seconds...

This is not an installer, this is the actual audit module.  No changes are made to your PC and we don't use Java or ActiveX.

Internet Explorer: click Run when prompted to save or run.

Chrome:  when the download completes, select Open to run the audit.  You can delete the file when the audit is complete.

Firefox: save the file and then launch ezdemo.exe.  You can delete the file when the audit is complete.