Need to know what's on your PC?
Audit it now.
Nothing to install.
Download. Run. Done!

Free PC audit tool for software and hardware inventory.


Audit your PC in seconds with nothing to install or uninstall.  No Java, Flash or ActiveX.

Get a free PC audit from the leading PC inventory tool – ezaudit

Here's what you will get in about 10 seconds:

  • All installed software

  • All updates and patches to Windows and Microsoft products

  • Antivirus and Firewall status and details

  • Startup programs

  • Important Event Logs for the past 14 days

  • Share in- and, even more important,  -out of your PC

  • Complete hardware details from RAM to processor and video

  • Printer information, both local or networked

  • And more...

Your audit is private. No audit data is sent anywhere.

Not sure?  Learn about who we are.

Our free pc audit demonstrates the ezaudit Remote Audit tool that allows your company to audit any PC, anywhere, anytime. - PC Audit software made easy.

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