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Get an inventory of your PC software and hardware in about 5 seconds. Download and run - nothing to install.

No data leaves your PC - total data privacy. No changes made to your PC.

Portable audit tool - run E-Z Audit Free from a USB stick.


About us

E-Z Audit is the leading PC Audit software tool since 2001 with over 16,000 customers worldwide.

E-Z Audit can audit via network audit, portable audit via USB stick and provides remote IT support where you can audit anyone, anywhere with E-Z Audit Remote.

Network Inventory Software

E-Z Audit is a network inventory tool that's fast and easy to deploy.  From download to ready-to-audit in 10 minutes or less.

If your company is looking for an affordable, easy PC audit solution, try E-Z Audit for 30-days and see why so many companies have chosen E-Z Audit.

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