Free PC audit from E-Z Audit


Audit PC software and hardware free with E-Z Audit

Use the leading free PC audit tool to get an audit of your PC now that is better, faster and more comprehensive than any other out there today.

  • PC hardware audit

  • Installed software and Windows updates and patches

  • Windows and program startup programs

  • Recent critical or important Event Log entries

  • Shares into or out of your PC

  • Malware product status

  • And much more!

Our free PC audit tool uses the same technology as our full PC software and hardware inventory suite.  The full E-Z Audit program suite allows you to audit any program file type like DLL or SYS as well as inventory non-program files like music, video files, Office document files and more.

E-Z Audit is miles ahead of competing products in features and benefitsLow price, easy to use and a setup that takes just minutes.  Learn more about why E-Z Audit is the leading PC audit program worldwide.



Looking for E-Z Audit, our full PC software and hardware audit program?

Audit standalone PCs via USB stick, audit remote users not on your network - and of course, full PC audits via network audits both scheduled and On-Demand.

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